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Finding knowledgeable people to help and guide you through the complex world of micropayments fully integrated into voice and SMS services is important for a successful outcome. Whether you are a start-up with a great idea or an experienced company venturing into micro payments - what you need is a safe pair of hands to formulate and then execute your vision. Allow our experienced team to plan a solution to your specific needs.
Voice phone billing
Bill your customers through international revenue share numbers. The best alternative billing method for services billed by the minute. Suitable for website content or phone based services like consultancy, tarots, voice chat and many more.
SMS phone billing
Bill your customers through international revenue share numbers. A very good immediate billing method for micropayments. Suitable for website access, voting or any remote payment where the transaction amount is too low for credit cards.
Premium rate numbers consulting
We help existing telecom companies to enter this business. More and more telecom carriers see the opportunity in the premium-rate numbers business but have no sufficient knowledge about it. We can assist at any level.
Startup consulting
Let us help you with the business plan and first step of your new telecom venture. We can take your idea from plan to execution through our team of experts in the management, financial and technical areas.
Software consulting
Get our experts involved when planning to build your routing and billing software. All our systems are self-engineered and custom-built. We can build any custom routing and billing solution for your business.
SMS verification and notifications system consulting
Let us find the best way to verify or notify your customers by SMS. Whether you need to verify your customer through SMS or you want to update them with SMS notifications we can assist and find the most suitable solution.
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